Bath complex

It's time to escape from the hustle and bustle in the bathhouse complex of Kailas Hotel! Finnish sauna, hammam with aroma vapor, salt room will charge you with health and energy.

In the cozy relaxation room you can enjoy aromatic herbal tea collected in the Crimean mountains. Sometimes one cup of tea brewed on special herbs is enough to calm down, cheer up and sleep well after a bath.

The Finnish sauna is characterized by high temperature combined with low humidity, heating to 85 degrees will help you relax, steam your body completely.

Hammam - a traditional Turkish bath, characterized by a low temperature regime: 40-45 degrees, a stone slab is designed to warm the spine, muscles and joints.

The procedure with salt fog in the hammam will increase immunity, heals the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels, skin and positively affect your health.

Salt room - a place where you will receive a detox recovery through inhalation of salt vapor. The air there is saturated with useful minerals.